ENG #1  2018 York University Strike

What happens when a university strike gets in the way of hopes, dreams and aspirations and job prospects?  Here is Sharma MacDonald with the story of two students eager to build their paths in life, unable to get the placements they need to get started.


ENG #2  Beauty and the Environment

Beauty is a multi-billion dollar global Industry.  Society often looks at the positive aspects of the beauty industry, however beneath all of the makeup there is a dark side.  The side that shows the negative impact of products on the environment.  SAY News reporter Sharma MacDonald uncovers the full story.


ENG #3  Masters Indigenous Games

The first ever Masters Indigenous Games were held this past weekend at Downsview Park in Toronto.  It was a chance for Indigenous as well as non-Indigenous people from all over Canada to come and learn about Indigenous culture.  Here’s SAY News’ Sharma MacDonald.